BERLAND TECHNOLOGIES, INC., (BTI) develops and implements software and hardware systems that provide business process solutions unique to a wide variety of industries. BTI’s resume includes projects in e-commerce, banking and finance, government, automotive manufacturing, the entertainment industry and many others. By building on these efforts, BTI developed and maintains several off-the-shelf application software products available to customers worldwide.

BTI’s e-commerce practice continues to grow extensively. BTI has developed over 25 e-commerce (B2B and B2C) sites for “Brick and Mortar” as well as “Dot Com” customers. BTI’s commitment to planning, system design, documentation and a close working relationship with our clients has allowed BTI to build an outstanding list of clients including several Fortune 500 firms.

Through this experience, BTI ensures that small and medium companies can achieve enterprise process and data integration at a reasonable cost and with significant return on investment. By building a core of full-time talent and enhancing that with a network of cooperating consultants, BTI provides a wide range of services, planning and integration. From mainframe data access to handheld PC solutions, BTI brings its high standards of development and project management to your service.

In summary, BTI provides the consulting experience, project management skills and talent required to produce outstanding results in computer systems/software planning and development. As an ISO 9001 certified company and a Microsoft Certified Solution Provider, BTI reinforces its commitment to total quality management.