Berland Technologies, Inc. (BTI) was founded in 1985. Over the years BTI accumulated experience in the development and support of computer operations and business management and information systems, with an emphasis on custom software solutions.

BTI has a long history of developing business solutions tailored to fit the unique business processes of our clients while using standardized development tools.  From these solutions BTI invested the resources to offer to its clients a significant list of standardized business solutions in asset management (fixed and financial), education administration, legal document development, facilities security, electronic commerce, and secure internet credit authentication.  An example of these products is the BTI Student Registration System TM developed in 1996 and now marketed to training schools and corporate training programs worldwide.

In 1993 Berland Technologies, Inc. expanded to our current offices and added staff with experience in the development and management of large-scale projects. BTI has successfully completed projects in banking and finance, government, non-profit organizations, automotive manufacturing, and the entertainment industry. Our staff includes consultants with extensive experience with financial, engineering, manufacturing, sales order management, purchasing, inventory management and maintenance management applications and experience designing and implementing complex financial and production controls.

In 1996 through our partnership program with Microsoft and Novell, BTI developed a strong practice in LAN and WAN design, specification, installation and support. Our staff has over 100 years of collective experience and can provide overnight solutions whether it is an upgrade or a clean install that is required to get your business back to operating at full efficiency.

In 1997 BTI officially expanded its product offerings to include e-commerce solutions.  Whether it "Business to Business" or "Business to Consumer", BTI provides its customers with the latest in consulting and software development for performing e-commerce over the internet with complete accuracy and security.

BTI has a strong commitment to quality through the implementation of quality management systems. In December of 1997 we received ISO 9001 certification. This commitment to quality planning, system design, phased implementation, documentation and a close working relationship with our clients has allowed BTI to work with an outstanding list of clients.

Entering the new millennium, BTI has assembled a core of exceptional talent, fully trained and certified on the Windows 2000 operating system and all Microsoft development tools. BTI is able to provide a full range of services for hardware/software planning and integration. From mainframe data access to handheld PC solutions, BTI brings its high standards of development and project management to your company.

As you can see on our client web page, BTI has provided business solutions to some of the world’s largest and most innovative organizations.

BTI is looking to add your name to the list of companies applying leading-edge technology to their enterprise solutions.